Severe Asthma

I have had asthma since I was a small child. I will go through stages where I have no attacks only to relapse.

I have been in emergency rooms more times than I can count with some being by ambulance.

The worst attack in recent history was in December of 2010 and it came after a long period of no attacks. I came home late and my wife was already asleep. An attack started a few miles from my house but I made it home luckily. I was blessed again because my wife woke up and came to me. I was unable to talk to her and was eventually able to communicate with her to call 911.

I wrote myself off as dead. I couldn't move any air. I was unable to stand up and my eyesight was failing. I was sure that I would die that night. It was one day before the 11 month anniversary of a car wreck that left me with a traumatic brain injury and memory loss. It seemed almost poetic and my hands began to tingle.

When medics arrived I could only see shapes and colors. I figured seeing dark blue meant help was there, but I was confused and could not understand what they were saying.

The Atrovent and oxygen helped some. I wanted to walk to the ambulance but I was unable. Heck, I couldn't even form a complete sentence so I should have known better.

Hindsight being what it is I figured so many ways I could have got help quicker like hand signs or dialing 911 then and handing my phone to my wife. The best thing I guess I could have done would have been to call 911 and left an open line before my wife ever woke up. I was truly lucky that my wife woke up.

After that I went for allergy testing as that was the cause of Asthma in my youth. I was allergic to most of the foods I was eating daily.

I avoid what I am allergic to and I am on multiple medications now to control the Asthma. I am not Asthma free but it is manageable. I admit I miss hiking and mountain biking alone!

Recently, I was able to speak with a 14 year old who had just developed Asthma. I was great to share my knowledge of the disease and give the young man hope for his future at the same time.

I am always available to others who would like to talk about asthma.

Thank you for reading my story!
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I try and avoid going into hospital when things get severe .. But it is scary when the max amount of Prednisone has no effect. It's the allergy triggered asthma that I get worried about.. I usually wake up most nights with an attack.. Or at least I do while I'm back in Australia. Moving overseas has helped.

Do you take a lot of Prednisone?

thank you for commenting!

Just posted my story, which is similar to yours...if my husband hadn't returned home when he did, no doubt I wouldn't be here today. I think more people need to understand that asthma can kill! I was even guilty myself of pooh-pooh'ing my own asthma and not taking it as seriously as I should have. Now I'm religious in using my maintenance meds...