I'm Not Having Any Asthma!

Around 1999, after a bout with bronchitis, which just kept hanging on, a doctor diagnosed me with asthma. This, though I'd stopped smoking ten years before! The doctor told me that often, even though people stop smoking, they can still get bad effects from it years after. Asthma is notorious for having at least a partial psychological causation.

Well, I noticed that my asthma symptoms, which would start with a loose cough, and would lead to wheezing and an inability to breathe after I tried to clear the phlegm from my lungs, would always start whenever I was waiting in my doctors waiting room to see her (!), although I must admit that they would occur at other times in other places, as well. And I really didn't like this doctor! I found her controlling and bossy!

She prescribed two inhalers (!) for me. I filled one, but never used it. I also had had enough of her, so I stopped seeing her shortly after that. Around this time, the thought just came into my head, "I'm not having any asthma!" I didn't know what I was going to do about it, but I was determined that I was not going to use that inhaler and that I was
NOT going to have asthma!

I don't know how soon after that, but the symptoms subsided and they rarely come back except during hayfever season, which for me begins around the end of April. I take Benadryl at that time, which helps immensely. I would not necessarily suggest that others solve their
problems with asthma as I did, for it can be very serious, fatal, even (the manager at the grocery store where I shop died of it suddenly; one month I placed my grocery store order with him, that was June, and the weather was mild, and when I called back the next month, he was dead!) But that's what happened to me! Go figure!
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1 Response Apr 5, 2006

Do some research -- it has been accepted medical fact for decades that while asthma can worsen in response to emotions, it is not a psychological condition. People with genuine asthma can't just decide to not have it, and far too many die each year from failing to manage it properly. (Holy cow, I didn't realize people still believed stupid old myths like that!)