Born With A Death Sentence. Fighting Everyday.

My name is Bea. I am 21 years old. and I was diaganosed with severe chronic asthma at 6 months old. During that time I was intubated for an extended amount of time. Sense then everyday I have fought asthma.

It started out that every year around spring/summer and Christmas time I have been in and ut of the hospital for days on end. Have little to no immune system...That went on till well I guess over the last 6 years when I progressively got worse.

5 years ago after finding out that I was pregnant I had a severe attach. was put on by pap where they wanted to check the baby. That was the day I found out I was carrying twins. Well at first I was very sick when I threw up I would end up in an attack and have to go to the emergency room. Dring my pregnancy I almost died with an attack. I was forced to have a planned C-section from day one due to the asthma.

When I was 19 I lost my insurance through the state and had to go a year without preventative care, having to get my meds from the er and having to pay cash. This affected everyone around me. During that year I caught pneumonia 8 times. And coughed a whole in my lung. Now keep in mind for every time that I have had any attack I am put on a high tapor of prednisone (a very strong steroid). This has caused deformation in my spine, scoliosis, and to be honest it just hurts. I break out in a massive rash and shake very bad. I have not ever been able to be without at least one inhaler on me at all times. I sleep with a nebulizer with three ifferent types of solution to use along with a portable in my car.
But back to the story.

In June of 2011 I had a severe attack that was brought on during the nigh (like most).
I was rushed to the hospital my oxygen stats only 80 percent. so I was put under a coma, intubated.
4 days total. missed seeing my kids for a few weeks due to being to ill.
But I survived.
It became the normal to post on facebook about being in the er I knew the routine inside and out.

This april was the worst. It almost took my life. It was march 30th I had an attack went to the er ect. they sent me home. which was rather unusual.
That morning at 5 am I woke up screaming for my roommate I was in full panic turning blue.
she called 911.
I had a grand mall seizure and stopped breathing for 4 min until ems got there. they got me alive and stabilized long enough to the hospital where I had another seizure so they intubated and I was placed on life support....4 days in there was no sign of hope. my kids were about to be without a mother, my parents without a daughter. so a doc came up with the idea to go down into my throat with a scope and to scrape out and suction out and mucus which was very visible on the x rays. the surgery took about an hour. they told us it was the worst that's ever been seen. During he procedure I stopped breathing and had to be manually bagged for 30 min.
Obviously I made it. I was on life support for 5 more days. My family and my boyfriend by my side the whole time, ministers, churches, prayer page on facebook. anything and everything to keep me alive.
The doctors could not be certain if I would have any brain damage due to the lack of oxygen. The day I woke up was actually the most traumatizing. going to sleep one night and waking up almost 10 days later. When I woke up because of the paralytic I was on I could not move, walk, drink, eat, pee. and my tounge was very swollen along with my throat so talking was very difficult and even when I did it was not without a lisp.

Thank the lord I am here today. I almost didn't make it. I guess im a fighter.
16 days and I finally got to go home, though I couldn't do anything myself had to be carried to and from vehicles and could get around a bit with my walker (at 21). it was at least a month before my kids could come over and about 2 for me to regain my strength. The procedure that was done saved my life no doubt about it.

I still struggle with the asthma its a little better but that is all it will ever be. I have a lot of triggers I was put on ssi in 3 months for the asthma. I cant work, cant go to school fro what I want due to my life threating illness. But I will always be a mother and that was my purpose here.

I wanted to find some people that have been through similar things and show people that asthma is not just induced by sports, not everyone grows out of it and it is no joke. I struggle everyday with back, sleep lungs. and will for the rest of my life. But I will fight everyday cause that's the only thing you can do. I have to much to lose. I hope my story has touched some of you and raised ASTHMA AWARENESS!!!!
Please feel free to pass on.

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Hi Bea. Thank you for telling your story, you are right not everyone's asthma is excercise induced and not everyone grows out of it. I can't tell you how many times people have told me I will grow out of it.
I was diagnosed with bronchiolitis due to asthma at 6 months old, placed in an ICU fighting for my life. I am now 26 years old and still struggling with it, I find myself infuriated with my own body for not being healthy, for not being able to live a fully normal life and for not being able to breathe without having my inhalors next to me at all times. I feel alone because no matter how hard I try to explain how I feel, people around me keep thinking is just a minor disease and I shouldn't be complaining; no one understands how awful it feels unless they themselves have asthma. People seem to forget you can die from respiratory arrest any day.
The fact that you, under such difficulties and at such a young age are so strong and so willing to fight for your life is inspiring and amazing. Thank you for reminding me I'm not alone in this fight.