It Started When I Was 13...

I started to always feel breathless when doing sports. I had serious chest pains and couldn't run 100m without wheezing and literally gasping for air. I used to play (European) football too, and it had always been a problem that I would run out of breath as soon as I ran longer than just a short sprint (I played on the striker position, running a lot is required in order to score). I was sick very often by the age of 14/15, I almost always had the cold and additionally I was always out of breath. That only changed for the worse since then, I've been diagnosed with severe bronchitis multiple times and suffer from a pollen allergy. When I've been diagnosed with asthma (the diagnosis I thought was predictable, considering my symptoms and that it runs in my family) I was 15. I only got an emergency inhaler back then. I'm 17 now and since 6 months I need to use a chronic inhaler (which I have to use twice daily) and I have to check my lung volume four times per day. I had to stop playing football, I can't even ride my bike anymore and walking has become a surprisingly hard task, since I still run out of air easily, despite the medication. I try to find a sport to do where my lungs aren't as affected as in football (which is quite an exhausing and literally breathtaking sport) so I can get parts of my (once good) stamina back, but I didn't find anything yet. I really suffer and I hope the chronic medication soon kicks in completely because I can't see any improvement of my situation ._.
sophieiero sophieiero
22-25, F
Nov 14, 2013