Recently Diagnosed With Asthma

Last November I started dealing with shortness of breath, the ol "elephant sitting on my chest" feeling and overall feeling of tiredness.  When it got to the point that I couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs in my house, I realized I needed to get help.  While I've dealt with allergies my entire life, this has been new to me and not something I wanted to deal with.  After having had all the tests it was determinted that I've got adult onset asthma.  I went from being a 48 year old woman on no meds to suddenly going on prednisone, daily inhalers, rescue inhalers, nose sprays and allergy pills!  The meds were keeping me awake at night, causing UTIs, constipation, etc.  How does one try to keep positive with all of this going on?  I've gained weight from the prednisone, I'm trying to ween myself off Ambien to sleep normally again (wicked side effects!!) and still working on a balance of meds.  I need to get this weight off as well and that seems to be more of a challenge as I get older.    This all seems to have consumed me and zapped my personality.  I want to feel as though I can have a normal life again without always worrying about whether something in the air is going to trigger an attack.  Just gets a bit discouraging......

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I'm glad I could help a little bit. I'm washing the sheets as I type this. Every Monday, never fails! I wish you the best, If I can help in any way, please let me know/<br />

That is certainly understanding. I am currently on every medication you can take for Asthma including theophylline at night. It can get you down, the weight gain, shortness of breath and taking all of the medications every day. Hopefully, in time, things will get better for you. Avoid the perfumes, don't fry things in the house, watch the cleaning supplies, get really good filters for your house hvac system. Buy encasements for your bed, pillows and blankets because the dust mites aggravate asthma too.<br />
Good luck.