I've Had Asthma All My Life

I've had asthma all my life and it doesn't usually bother me if I make sure I take my medication regularly. If I don't, then it wreaks havoc on me. I always seem to get asthma attacks in the night when I'm just before I go to bed, and during the night/early morning. Other triggers, which happen regardless of whether I take my oral medication or not, are being stressed (which also triggers my epileptic seizures, and while I haven't had an asthma attack and a seizure at the same time yet, it worries me crazy), intense emotions (having depression doesn't help), and eating pineapples (I'm allergic to them). I don't really consider asthma as having a severe impact on my life - I don't want to let it have that kind of status, so I always stick my medication in a little plastic pouch on my calendar on days when I'm supposed to take it, so that I don't forget.
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Yeah, I need to take care of my asthma as well, I am going in tomorrow to see the Doc. I recently taken down by a cloud of steam, of course it was from a boiling crab pot and I am allergic to crab. I do not have a rescue inhaler at this time, I saved myself with a cup of coffee. If not for the coffee I would have been in the hospital.

that's so commendable of you. better be safe than sorry. just don't forget your regular medication even if you feel perfect.learned it the hard way. almost died because of not considering my health condition. it also pays to have a regular check up specially if it's our heart and lungs that are weak. haha!! i wish i've known this before my first heart attack at 18!! i am now 20 and had already suffered 2 minor heart attacks and angina attacks. all because of not taking care of my asthma since birth!!!<br />