Asprin and Asthma??

Has anyone heard that people with asthma should not use aspirin??  Yesterday I took aspirin for a migraine and my entire esophagas felt inflammed!  I have never heard anything in the past until I recently had to make a trip to ER for asthma and saw a note about aspirin in my release papers.  I'd be curious to find out if anyone else has had a burning reaction from it.  Please share advise and stories.  If I can't use Exedrin Migraine in the future I don't know what I'll do!  Help  

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Yes I have aspirin sensitivity .. I ended up in hospital after taking aspirin, my throat almost closed up and asthma was crazy!

my on doctor has told me that it can trigger asthma attacks...especially if your allergic to nsaids...which is what one of my triggers is.

Yes, I have heard that asthmatics should not take aspirin at all because it can trigger attacks. Regarding migraines, try naproxin or ibuprofin, and caffiene. Try reading the active ingreedinents on excedrin, because the other meds included will help (I think caffiene and acetaminophin).

I havent heard that till now. Thanks for sharing by the way, it is very good tip for us who have asthma. I dont use asprin maybe thats why it did not happened to me. Try to ask your doctor for safe knowledge... Be well... hugs*