I Had Asthma....i Almost Died.

I got Asthma in 2001 - I was 27 at the time. It started with some wheezing at night in bed which annoyed my girlfriend enough to get me to go to the doctor.

I got some inhalers although I hardly ever needed them and continued to play football and go running without any problems.

Possibly it was allergy based, possibly panicky/stressy.

Anyway I had a few minor attacks, quickly relieved until 2007. In September I had some wheezing during the week on a few occassions but as I had never had more than an attack quickly relieved with a few puffs I didnt think much of it. On the Thursday I got particularly bad in the night, I was sleeping downstairs so I didnt wake my GF and it was bad for a few hours. I knew it wasnt normal but thought maybe I was causing this with getting worked up so I ignored this.

The next day I still had a bit of wheezing and bad chest so made a doctors appointment. When I got there in the afternoon it quickly got worse and I was told I was having a major attack and needed to go to hospital. This seemed routine, ambulance came and off I went - being given oxygen/nebuliser etc. On the way I remember joking with the Paramedics and then the next thing trying to fight them saying I cant breathe.

After that I woke up in intensive care on a ventilator and spent 6 nights in hospital.

I have taken my Asthma very seriously ever since and am very conscious of it.

I feel so lucky to have survived that attack. I was told it was lucky I was in the ambulance with the Paramedics and I am so glad I went to the doctors that day. It was a matter of life and death and I was lucky.

I am running the Marathon in April in London to raise money for Asthma UK.

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My mother got Asthma and the coast air makesyou better, it the freshest air, she should be in hospital but she has a nebuliser at home and a little one which she carries outside. She got sevear Asthma if anythink got a smells there she may have a asthma attack.

A lot of people don't realise how severe asthma can get without the correct treatment.<br />
<br />
Sounds as if you have it firmly under control now <br />
<br />
Good luck in the Marathon!