I Had a Cold About a Month Ago and I Am Still Coughing

I had a cold about a month ago, and I am just getting over a sinus infection.  I am still coughing.  I cough about every 5 minutes.  To make matters worse, I have severe asthma.  My cough gets worse everytime I am around people who smoke, and my other allergies such as fur, dust and molds.  My cough got worse as soon as I got home from the local mall, to the point where I had to take my reliever medication.  I had to take my reliever inhaler about 5 times in 15 minutes.  The first 4 rounds did not work, but the 5 round me some relief, but I am still coughing, but not as bad now.  I keep a track of my peak flow, but it still reads that my asthma is normal.

Sunshine1900 Sunshine1900
1 Response Mar 28, 2009

Just because your peak flow is normal does not mean you're not having bronchospasm. If you continue to have trouble with coughing and wheezing, you need to go to the ER. As you know, Asthma is nothing to joke about.