I'm a Proud Asthmatic =p

I have had asthma for as long as I can remember. I think I remember a short time when I could run without having to stop, or sleep through the night, or fill up my lungs, but that ended when I as diagnosed in first grade. Now, for those of you who don't have asthma, it might be hard for you to understand. We aren't all whining about a chest ache or stuffed up nose. Asthma is like living with a severe pnuemonia that keeps coming back, although maybe you haven't had that either. Let me clarify. Asthma kills 5,000 people each year, it suffocates them. When you get an asthma attack, it feels like someone is clogging your nose and pouring a gallon of pop down your throat. It burns and compresses in your chest like a sumo wrestler is sitting on you. And if it isn't controlled or can't be, it will affect your everyday life in more than one way. For instance, my lungs have stayed at a constant 22% for a while now, no matter what medicene I take or what I do. That means that 78% of my lungs are swollen or filled with phlegm, and I can only breathe with 22% of them. Now, I deal with that in school, where if I don't run 2 miles in under 20 minutes, I'm going to fail gym and highschool. So, the teacher gives me extra time and lets me walk when others aren't allowed too, and high school kids can be mean. Trust me, lol. But that really isn't important right now, they can go suck on a fly. Also, in choir I have to breath when others don't, and that interupts the song sometimes. So it is very limiting.  Having asthma can teach you so many things though. Like, at some points when I am bored, I often wonder what a full breath of air tastes like, feels like. And I know that when and if I do ever get to take one, I won't take it forgranted. It teaches me to excel over expectations and limits, and it teaches me to live with a difference that sets you apart. The next breath you take, see if you can take only about 22% of that roughly, and see how long it lasts you. That is only one part of asthma. Now, take a deeper breath, as long a breath as you can, and taste it. Enjoy it. Love air enough for those that can't get enough of it....

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Hope things get better for you. I used to have asthma attacks in my childhood, but now I don't have them anymore. It feels so good to be able to breath like a heathy person...

As you can see, my case wasn't as bad as yours, I guess. Still, I really wished asthma had a cure.

I have been getting out of breath lately walking a few blocks to the grocery store. It affects me more when it's humid.

I'm sorry your asthma is so intense. I wish you the best... keep strong!

It's all right thank you all so, i never seen anyone who is bader than my mum.

Thank you for write it .<br />
It is getting bad for me to breath . I can not walk to the store in more. or do my landry .<br />
It is getting bad.<br />
that help when you wrote that.<br />
<br />

O and the weather can make it better wors. When we when to Devon the coast air made her Asthma better and she could walk for longer. she also has a little nebuliser which she carries around with her.

MY mother has severe Asthma, she sould be in hospital, but she as her own nebuliser at home, any think what smell may make her have an Asthma attack.