Kinda Rescent I Developed It

I am a VERY fast runner in spite of my chubbiness. I can beat almost the whole of my grade in a race, but only one. I need a long break after I stop running because I pant hard and cough a lot, 10 minutes after everybody else stops. It is hard to breathe (obviously) but I don't really have anything to help (no inhaler or whatever else although I think I should have an inhaler).

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Yes you should! You have asthma and need to see your doctor. I had the same problem in school, except no matter how hard I tried I was always last, gasping and breathing for air through most of the run. At the ends of our runs I usually collapsed in the ground gasping and wheezing with the world spinning around me. The PE Teachers just told me that I needed to get up walk it off and quit being a sissy.<br />
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If no one is willing to listen like they failed to do so with me, then you might need to get a little theatrical. I pushed myself everyday to finish the runs, but I think if I had actually collapsed before the end of the run someone might have actually taken notice. <br />
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You need to look out for your own health, no one else will!