Not Anymore Thank Goodness.

I prob shouda piggy backed on someone else seeing as how this probably sounds insane and I am not one of those people who looks crazy. I had a bad childhoo. I use to have nightmares every night, sometimes I would have multiple ones in one night. Imagine abusive household, bullying at school, then nightmares during bedtime.

Ok so I can remember it around 13 when I moved to a new house on a quiet street. Things were ok but I just had this feeling about the house. I liked it but felt weird in it. So after a few months of the new school. Bullying started again. When I would take naps or go to sleep, well before is when it started. I am afraid of heights by the way. I would lie down and start to drift off. Then I would feel like I was floating above the bed (weird since I was on the bottom of a bunk bed). So then I would get really scared because I felt like I was high up, then I would wake up then it would happen a few more times until I fell asleep. I would dream that I was high up then falling a lot. I never said anythng to anyone because I did not think that they would understand and people thought I was a bit odd, because I like to read fairytales all the time. It had nothing to do with what was happening to me. I use to be so scared. Maybe that is why I am such a fearful adult. Then whe I had surgery they gave me percocet (1st time taking it) I would feel like I was floating and then fell asleep. It was similar to that but when I was younger it was less ease to it and I felt like I was really levetating vs floating and it was scary and I did not fall asleep easily.

Thankfully when I graduated and went to college it did not happen anymore. Then nightmares went away too. I had such bad nightmares that I am able to control my dreams now. I can stop the dream and redream something else. I can't pick what I dream but I can end a scary one or boring one.
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I wrote this before reading the others. Thank goodness I did not have those experiences only in dreams. That would scare the life out of me, I am no Xena warrior princess. Please comment so I know that I'm not alone in this.