The Apartment

I have projections in alarming frequency, because I do not try to.  It just happens for me and I never ever remember the separation.  I often feel like I am guided somewhere, pulled there by what I perceive to be my guide or protector.  She is a woman who is dressed in white and glows with a bright white light that makes it so I cannot make out her face.

My first projection in which I set out to do it happened very recently.  I was using a self hypnosis CD to attempt to put me into a projection.  On the CD, he tells you to think of a place you would like to go but have never been to.  I tried thinking of Japan, and then found myself not in Japan, but in an apartment I had never been in before.

Where I was standing, straight ahead was a white couch with wooden trim.  Behind the couch was a large window with light whit curtains and bright light was pouring into the room.  There was a wooden and glass coffee table in front of the couch.  The fabric was not smooth and had a pattern in the white upholstery.  like a raised white pattern on the white backdrop.  it wasn't super soft, but it wasn't scratchy either.  Beside the cough, to my right was a rocker/recliner that matched the couch.  Someone was sitting there, but hey neither spoke to me, nor did I pay much attention to them.  I'm not sure that they were even alive or moving.  Back in the corner was a short curio cabinet, but I'm not sure what was in it.

Along the wall to my right was a doorway into a kitchen.  The cupboards were a medium brown, the countertops a light brown/light tan, and the floor seemed to be a matching brown/tan/yellowish pattern.  There was a window over the sink with more of the white light pouring in.

Behind me was another door way leading into some kind of entry with a wooden floor.  Between the two doors, in the corner, was a large television.

 And then the CD pulled me out of it.  I have been unable to figure out where this place is.  I've not ever been there.

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Possible previous live recall?

It is an astral projection self hypnosis CD by D1ck Sutphen. (crazy filter) I like to listen to the induction when I'm stressed. It helps calm me. Sometimes it puts me under, sometimes not.

You mentioned a CD helped you to do this. <br />
Do you mind sharing, especially because you had such a great success with it, I would like to know which one you have been using.. I had fascination with astral projection ever since I can remember .