I Worry About What Can Happen

So, I am a Frequent projector, and often it happens without me trying.  I will fall asleep and it just happens.  Some people witness horrible events, others help people cross over, and some even meet with the deceased.  I, however, seem to be someone who protects others by fighting the evil that lurks in the Astral Plane.

It's is a dangerous place when you think about it, and I read many stories about demons attempting to access someone's body while they are projecting.  Some people witness them during separation, others will come across them in their travels.  You can't kill a demon, but you can send them back where they came from.

What makes me nervous, is that as a Christian I know and believe in demons.  They are real and have power.  I have faith that God protects me, but it still worries me.  I am out there fighting them, making enemies, I am sure, but what does that mean for others in my life?

I do several things to protect myself.  One, is that I have a strong faith in my protector.  I ask him for protection all the time, and I believe he keeps me safe.  Secondly, when I am trying to project, I do the white light exercise.  The thing that worries me is that I lucid dream every night (at least when I haven't taken cough syrup or am drunk), and very frequently I project right out of my dreams.  I never remember the separation, so I never know what is lurking about.

One of the things I frequently see is a woman in white who glows brightly.  I believe she is a benevolent spirit, possibly an angel, who watches over me.  She does not seem to answer any of my questions, but she does seem to guide me.  Almost like she takes me where  need to go.  I hope she does protect me and my family.  I don't want anything to happen to them, and I worry a lot about the enemies I am making.

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You should read "Practical Psychic Self Defense" by Robert Bruce, it has many effecctive ways to defend against and break negative entity attacks.<br />
Like if youre experiencing an attack, walking over running water or just taking a shower will almost always break it unless it has already attached.Turning on x mas music and the lights also works very well because "negs" need darkness and quiet to manifest. <br />
Go to a different room, but keep the lights and music on in the affected room, you can even leave them on while at work in rooms with frequent attacks. <br />
The most frequent areas to be attacked at are rooms that are rarely lit like the basement or a hallway. "Astral Dynamics" by robert bruce is also a good starter for everything astral.<br />
Astraldynamics.com/viewforum will have all the answers you need, be it negs, energy work, healing, projecting, trance work and most other forms of spiritual developement. I highly recomend it for beginers or adepts alike.