Lifetime Experience

The first time, I remember to be afraid of lightning and thunder, I was about 5 years old. I stayed in my grandparent house, and during big storm,lightning hit the house chimney. I was very big noise, and chimney got destroyed. Since then I am trying to plan my indoor activities, studying the weather. It is specially hard now, when I love hiking in the Rockies, and storms are very common in the summer, in the mountains. The hard thing is, my fear is very rationalized. It is very dangerous to be caught in the mountain in the storm, above the tree line. I had to cancel a couple of hikes, because of the bad forecast. I have also, very vivid dreams, when I was caught in the middle of storm, and I couldn't hide. So, In my dream, I would lay down, and the lightning would hit all around me. This is very hard for me, specially, when the fear is very rationalized, and so many people die every year, hit by lightning.
Hankag Hankag
46-50, F
May 15, 2012