Home Was Destroyed By An Ef3 Tornado... With My Family Inside...

On December 22, 2011 my husband, myself and my aunt were testing ready to take my 13 month old to see Santa Claus. All of a sudden we heard the rain pounding on our windows (which was unusual because all of our windows were covered by our porch) and my husband's ears popped (I thank God for this now!) He decided we needed to get into the bathroom closet. All four of us huddled together and wrapped our arms around each other with my son in the middle. We were only in the closet for maybe 15-20 seconds when the power started flashing and we could hear the tin POPPING off of our roof. Everything after that is kind of a blur. I felt the sensation of being moved, and felt the rain. I had my eyes closed the entire time. I remember hearing debris hit my Aunt in the back, and she said "oh my God!" i thought I was listening to her die. When we finally stopped moving, my husband told us to stay down because he could still hear the tornado. After what seemed like a lifetime, he told us to run to our neighbor's home. When I opened my eyes I remember looking us all over to make sure we were okay. We were all still holding each other, only I was on top of everyone else. It still makes me cry thinking about looking at my crying baby who was soaked to the bone in his Christmas outfit. We were thrown into our front yard. As we ran across our yard, I looked back at what used to be our home, there was only one wall left standing, the striped wall from my son's nursery. Everything else was gone. The water pipe was shooting up from the foundation of our home.

We were all okay aside from a few minor injuries. My son had a small bruise by his eye and his ear was a little swollen and red, we were all scratched up from being drug across the carpet tacks. My aunt had a severe ankle sprain, and I had road rash on my back, as well as my back being thrown out of wack. My husband had the worst injuries of us all. He was hit in the head with our dryer (he said when he was hit his head was thrown back and he could see the dryer flying) and that required staes, and he also had a cut on his arm that required stitches. I didn't mention this earlier, but I was also 8 weeks pregnant. I was just as relieved to see our baby's heart beat on the ultrasound as I was to open my eyes and see us all okay earlier. We were beyond blessed that we came out of the situation with as major injuries as we had.

However, in the time since the tornado happened, I have developed a paralyzing fear of storms. If I see that there are storms possible in the week ahead, I will constantly check the weather to monitor the situation. I go to five different weather websites, and I constantly monitor the radar if there is just a drizzle. I don't think my fear would be as bad if we had received some type of warning. There were no sirens and no tornado warning was issued. So my thing is, I need to keep up with the situation in case they missed something again. There were storms last night and I didn't sleep until they passed. Every clap of thunder sounds just like a tornado, and I don't breathe until I can hear its end. We are supposed to get severe weather tomorrow, and I will wake up in the middle of the night tonight (like I've done many nights before) to check and make sure there aren't any new developments. I actually make myself sick worrying about this. I can't even enjoy the good days of weather because I'm anxious about the bad. I'm going to therapy, but it hasn't really helped that much. Anxiety medication is not an option as I'm pregnant. I just want to talk to people that understand my fear. My husband and my aunt are pretty unaffected by the situation, but they try to be supportive. I just want to be normal again. Is that possible? I don't want to pass this fear onto my children, but I want to do whatever is necessary to protect them. (even If that means sleeping in the basement when it storms) I am tired of being like this and I want to know I'm not the only person out there like this. Anybody? :(
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