The Way I Feel, My Camping Trip.

Ever since I can remember I've been scared of thunderstorms, like anyother child. The first time I really got scared and started panicking was in grade 3, after watching a documentry about the world flooding and all humanity dieing. This really scared me, and since then I cry during rain or thunderstroms. I remember my sister making cubby houses out of tables and bed covers for me to hide under so I didn't have to witness another frightening thunderstorm. Everytime I hear thunder, my heart feels like it stops. My body gets cold and hot flushes and I start crying and feeling sick. This has happend at school countless times. The teacher has had to excuse me out of class with a friend to go and sit in the music room (Becuase it is sound proof) untill the storm is over. I would sit there and cup my ears with the palm of my hand, tuck myself into a ball and whisper to myself that everything is going to be alright, the world isn't going to end and it will be over shortly. This is untill the power goes out, which causes my mouth to dry, I will start shaking and all negitive thoughts will come to mind. My friend will sit there and try and comfort me, telling me funny stories to try and calm me down. Some of which help.
One times, I was out camping at my Nan and Granddads, they have alot of bush land (in Australia, as that is were I am from). We though we'd go camping outside, so we mitched the tent and camped next to the house. Later on the night, and I was slowly driffting of to sleep I saw little flashed of light come through my eyelids. I thought that it was my brain playing ticks on me and I was having a shallow dream. As the minutes go on I hear little suttle noises echo the tent. My friend is sleeping next to me so I didn't want to wake her. So I sat there panicking. Thinking that the tent is going to attract lighing and we would die. As a few minutes go on, the dog starts howling and the thunder increases. I hear my friend turn to me and whisper to me, asking if I'm alright.
Me trieing to be brave, I reply with I'm okay.' but my voice was cracked with fear. I wasn't alright. She then asked me if I'd like to go inside, I repiled with 'No, I should be alright' But I wasn't going to be. My body was shaking and my heart was raceing, I felt I was going to be sick.
My nan then went outside and tried to calm the dog. She aproched the tent and asked 'Are you alright' by this time, the wind was picking up, the thunder was roarng and lighting was cracking everywere 'I jumped at my answer with 'NO.' She then asked 'Would you like to come inside' and I again, jumped at the answer 'YES.'
But, I was to scared to exit the tent. Leaving it ment I would see lightning and hear the thunder more. In the end, I jumped out of the tent, ran inside leaving my friend to zip it back up and run in after me.
I grabbed my iPod I'd left in the house, almost flat and turned it up loud enough so I couldn't hear the rain on the tin roof.
Needless tosay, I got to sleep soon enough, and my friend woke up with a lot of bruises on her legs.

You know, people call me stupid, for being scared. Apparently it's relaxing. They laugh at me in school for crying 'You;re starting year 11 next year, don't be a baby' they don't understand how I feel. They don't understand Astraphobia.
But I'm glad you do.
JLFeathers JLFeathers
13-15, F
Dec 13, 2012