It's Storming Out Even As I'm Writing This

I know its pretty immature to be afraid of storms at my age, but if there is even a cloud in the sky that looks like rain I'm done.  I am completley glued to the weather network for the whole duration of the storm, I can't stop looking out the window, sometimes I can't even sleep.

I'm not afraid of dying in a storm or even loosing things (well, I guess I'm afraid of both of these things, but it's not my number one concern), so I dont even know what is so scary.  All I know is that I get this feeling like the world is ending everytime it so much as rains. 

SanDaminano1125 SanDaminano1125
2 Responses Sep 14, 2008

Hang in there. There are a lot of us out there with the exact same overblow fear and we don't know why.

It's usually only rain, I (weirdly) actually enjoy snow storms