Can I Continue to Live Normally?

I've just been diagnosed with ASH in an echo. I have had some burning pain in the left side of my back and experienced palpitations on a number of occasions. It was initially diagnosed as angina. Sudden death seems to be recurring theme on sites i have visited and this scares me.  The back pain is discomfitting but not debilitating. The palpitations are not so frequent but the episodes are frightening. So far I live as I always have, though I seem to sweat more heavily than used to. 

The Doc assures me these are early days and I can be treated successfully.

My questions are

1. Can ASH be reveresed completely?

2. What can I expect down the road?

todyeoman todyeoman
2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I have ash too. How are you doing since you have found out about it.

Do what your doctor instructs you to do.