In the machinery industry , the impact crusher is widely used Our impact crusher is widely used in mining, training, building material, highway , railway , and chemical industry and other voluminous industry ,[URL=""]cement manufacturing process flow chart[/URL], these are the country 's heavy industry machine reclaimed land , impact crusher is fundamental in these industries , we are not going back to use it is more to know about it , know how to protect it , to repair it , Here we briefly introduce the next seven considerations crusher so that you emergency use : Be consecutive (1 ) Crusher ( back-breaking ) process should work routine check when found abnormal movement or SKF bearing temperature higher than 70 ℃, which should immediately stop viewing, promptly eliminate obstacles boot , ( 2 ) In the back-breaking work properly only after feeding , feed should be uniform and should prevent the iron mixed with hard objects ,[URL=""]stone crusher machine manufacturer in india[/URL], Before shutdown must first suppress feeding, the material crushing end down and then stop the motor , ( 3 ) Crusher ( back-breaking ) after discharge port inspection or mediation , should be used to change human rotor , rotor and other parts do not recognize the conflict and stuck signs and can be sensitive to move, before starting the motor , ( 4 ) See SKF bearing should generally excellent sealing ability , within the SKF bearing grease should fill once a month, every three months to be fully interchangeable oil washing oil change and blankets , ( 5 ) In view of fasteners can loosen ,[URL=""]vertical roller mill in cement industry[/URL], should point to see both sides of the compression plate hammer rotor plate screws to prevent loosening plate after plate hammer exposed ends of the rotor body , and the body crashing , mechanical damage , ( 6 ) In order to ensure safe operation of workers and equipment , machine work to suppress organized mend , mediation and clean up the accident , inhibit various open door , ( 7 ) When the back-breaking broken product particle size is too large, it should be shut down to view the state of wear plate hammer , preventing the rotor is worn , When required because of wear plate hammer 180 ° use mediation again , should make an equal weight of each plate hammer and stick balanced to prevent vibrations occurring after the back-breaking start ,
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