My First Date With A-fib

i was in the shower on a tuesday morning and felt lightheaded and faint
so faint that i decided that if i did not go to the er i might collapse and not be discovered in my own home (i live alone - not a good idea for an a-fibber i think)
i was admitted with irregular hb and racing heart (up to 195)
i was freaked out - i am a coffee drinker and had (due to work) consumed 3 pots of coffee and a 44 oz diet coke in the past 24 hours - i mentioned this to the er doc and nurse
i stayed 2 days in hospital on heparin and cardizem drip
the er cardiologist did the echo mri ekg and stress test and blood tests for thyroid
all proved negative for heart condition
they discharged me with baby aspirin and 60 mg of cardizem with instructions to see my cardiologist
this is a dangerous condition which can indeed be life changing
jimmyriver jimmyriver
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

You're not alone. Cut out all of the caffeine and soft drinks, get regular with your meds and don't do any Vitamen K. You'll still have A Fib (as do I) but it shouldn't be too much of a bother.

You have the problem id'd now you have to manage it. Write me if you want to talk.