Light Meds Control Af So Far...

Triathlete. 45. I live in Boston and was diagnosed with AF in March while skiing out west. My doctor here thought it was only Holiday Heart and told me not to worry about it. The episodes happened more often so I wore a King of Hearts monitor and sure enough I was told I have AF.

Was put on 2X 25mg of Atenolol a day but that dropped my BP too low and my pulse in the 40's. (I never had high BP). Felt weak and no myself. Told I should switch to a different, heavi drug. Instead I cut back to 12.5mg of Atenolol Per Day and my AF has disappeared so far... Tried to wean off the low dose as a test but went went right back into AF again along with a rapid heart beat which is common coming off Atenolol. Felt so much better on it with min. side effects. I never wanted to be on a drug but if this low dose can help me avoid or delay ablation surgery, I feel it's for the best (for now).

The big take away is, we are all chemically different. My doctor said anything less than 25 mg a day would not work. We need to treat the individual, not the disease...

Good luck to ALL!
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Call me Peter NicollI I have AF am a bodybuilder and I am 70 yrs old I have had 3 ablations and no medications only aspirin as a blood thinner. 450 451 6518
My pulse is 45 Google miracle muscleman Peter Nicoll.I am trying to start an AF support group in Montreal