A-fib, Atrial Flutter And Ablation

I was diagnosed with A-Fib 6 years ago and underwent a cardioversion procedure which corrected the problem. Just last week I developed Atrial Flutter and had to undergo another cardioversion which also corrected the problem. My Cardiologist said that I should have Ablation procedure done as well.
As I understand it the Ablation procedure destroys the part of the heart that caused the Flutter and A-Fib. Since my heart is currently in a normal sinus rythem, how will they know what part of my heart to target with the catheter ablation procedure?
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

That is such a good question. I have been told that they can randomly kill off the areas that create the electrical impulses so that fewer are left to control the heart beats, less confusion for the heart. If my doctor were to recommend it for me I would do it because currently I am on amiodarone which was used in conjunction with cardioversion to stop the constant a-fib and it did. I just want to get off amiodarone due to it's potentially dangerous side affects. Any information to share?

Ron, I just had my fifth ablation and while I am frequently in a-fib other times, I have never actually been in a-fib any of the 5 times I have gone in for the procedure. My dr. has explained that he is able to trigger my a-fib circuits once the catheters are threaded in to my heart. The good news for you is that if a cardioversion held you for 6 years, I bet an ablation will work wonders. It is my understanding that the vast majority of people only need a single ablation to "cure" their a-fib. Good luck!

Hi Ron,

Some folks seem to have strong palpitations linked to their AF. Mine was just in the background - was yours?

Interesting to know your cardioversion seemed to work well for six years but now the problem has returned and you need ablation.

Will shortly be working with wife and daughter to list the questions we want to put to the cardiologist.

Hope you have been able to get some online information with details of the ablation procedures to answer the query at the end of your post.

Take care