two weeks ago i attempted suicide, and no one even knows i did. no one but me. i gave up and took 10 grams of acetaminophen, more than enough to kill you. i took them at 4 pm, and the only thing that happened is that i woke up at 1 am to throw up, and continued to throw up until 8 am. during that whole time i just prayed that i would die already. but i never did. i just threw up. i couldn't eat anything, or drink anything for 24 hours because i just threw it up. i kept track of the phases of acetaminophen overdose that i looked up. i followed it pretty well up until the point where it said i should've died. so i kept going because there was nothing else i could do. if i didnt die after that, maybe im not supposed to. i want to, but apparently im supposed to be here. i dont know what ******* for, but im still here. with what to show for it? scars? a wet pillow every night? bloody wrists? not much. i shouldnt be here, and i still want to die. im just too chicken to try something more than overdose. with overdose, i can pretend that its just a few pills. but it wasnt, and i wish id died.
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Your Number 1 Cure Besides Yourself.... (Ganja) In Other Words Weed. It Is The Minds Cure To Happiness And If Society Can Just Get That In There Head... EVERYTHING Will Change . Even You.

Yes, try to get her into illegal activities that can ruin her life, get her sent to jail and she will drop the soap.

Unfortunate....Anyone Who Relates To This There Is no TRYING to Commit Suicide You Either Do It Or You Don't Pull A Gun Or knife To Your Throat there are many ways if your serious then do it.... but Just Realize it is a very selfish thing and I don't care who you are... LIFE is never that bad enough to put yourself to shame. Just remember how you think you have it? some little kid Somewhere Else has it worse then you. I mean look at Tupac !! he was born NOT to make but He DID! he's a survivor I am A Survivor ! But Don't Waste Your Time I What Could Have Been. You Have Control Of the Way You Feel And How Your Chose To Live Your Life..

I no how u feel i did the samething somebody found me an made me throw up the pills