Tickle Gatherings

I am surprised that no one else in this group has contributed a story yet. I have been to three tickle gatherings, all of them for men only--two in Chicago and one in Dallas. Most of the men were gay, as I am myself.

I am a bottom in the tickling scene, so it was my goal to get tied down and tickled as much as possible during each three-day event.

The best event by far was in Dallas; it was extremely well organized and held at a nice hotel. I managed to hook up with several tickle fiends, and on the Friday of the event I got tickled more than I had ever been tickled in one day before. In fact I remember feeling dizzy that evening, and a friend who is also a doctor said that I was probably dehydrated from laughing and screaming so much throughout the day.

At each of these events I was tied down and tickled, sometimes by one person and in private--in which case I was usually naked--and sometimes in a group setting, with several guys getting their hands on me at once. 

Sometimes the group setting was some kind of game, as in the "Tickle Rodeo" in Dallas where the ticklee guys were "steers' and the ticklers were "cowboys." Each steer was randomly assigned to a cowboy, who had three minutes to rope and tie his steer and tickle him into submission.

During another part of the rodeo, the steer had to lie stretched out on a table. A cowboy sat at each corner of the table, and the steer's wrists and ankles were tied to the cowboys' hats. The steer's challenge was to endure being tickled by two cowboys without thrashing enough to dislodge any of the seated cowboys' hats. Well, I was tickled by two experts who had me hysterical in no time, and I only managed to last 52 seconds before I pulled off someone's hat.

This Tickle Rodeo took place at an actual working ranch outside of Dallas, and during a break I walked around and noticed how quiet and serene the countryside was. No doubt others in the community would have been shocked and mystified if they had known what was going on in the lodge!

If others are considering attending a tickle event, I would encourage them to do so. Let me know if you have any questions that I can try to answer for you.


nd I enjoyed both types of settings.

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Tickling is healthy fun, not only for the "ticklees" but also for the "ticklers".<br />
I enjoy tickling other guys but its when they tie me down and get me that<br />
I'm at my ticklish best. The few guys who have got their hands on my say<br />
I'm the most fun victim they ever tickled. I am truly horribly ticklish to the<br />
point I can be forced to lose control of my bladder and pass out if it goes<br />
on too long. I've been looking for guys in the Miami-Lauderdale-Palm Beach<br />
area of Florida who are into tickling but so far have not found any. Going to<br />
a tickle gathering would be great, although I know my nerves would be <br />
shattered at the end of the day.

You sound vary interesting. I love to tickle as well as being tickled. Tied and tickled mercilessly is the best

WOW, would love to find a tickle torture session in Michigan, how do you find them? I have googled, looking for just such a set up, but have found nothing. I even made a very nice varnished set of stocks to lock someones ankles in and one for the wrists, so the person would be totally unalbe to get away. Would love to find others interested in getting tickle tortured.

Well then Dave, you would fit right in! But would you tickle someone else without mercy?

I would love to attend a tickling gathering. As a ticklee, I would find ways to get people to tickle me too to hysterical laughter. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I will be willing participant.

Interesting is right. Never have attended a "tickle" event, but now i'm a "victim" of a tickle session nearly twice a week. I'm always the subject of their attention and my feet are their number 1 priority-(especially my soles). The other parts of my body follow suit after they had think my feet have had enough. I'm striaght but the more sessions they put me through, the more i'm like being molested by individuals-(who is led by my nephew). Crazy or what!