Trying To Find A Connection To What People Dont Believe Is A Real Condition.a.d.d. Epeilpsy And Addiction

i was diagnosed when i was 10. and im 28 now, it took me about 15 years to even think of researching this at all.. but im glad i did. i was never good in school. always would get in trouble for not listing or getting up out of my seat, never being focused enough on things i was sopose to be doing.if it didnt intrest me i couldnt stay focused on it.they finally put me on meds when i was about 10 in a half.. dont really remember how i felt just that i was doing good in school now.. i was only on that med for about 3-4 years before they took me off of it claiming liver or kidney disease after i was failing every subject had to be put on idependent study.. but i also call a.d.d . a.d.o.l.s which stands for attention deficit oh look shiny.. becuz trying to keep focus on a convo when sumthings shiny.. irts hard as .. lol but anyway. im still trying to deal with it.. im not on any meds when i know i should be. i also was diagnosed with generlized epleipsy. around the same time as being diagnosed with a.d.d and i have frequent absence seizues. ive always had since i was younger.. but i beleive that there is a connection between a.d.d. and epeilpsy and addiction. becuz yea i am also addicted to a stimulants. but i have a theory about there being a common link between the 3 disabilitys. i am still looking up info about it ive had this theory for a while now. about there being sum kind of link a connection between the 3 for a while now so i tried looking into it and what i found it just crazy.. def a lot to support my theory if u will.. will post when i find more info out..
illusions2seek illusions2seek
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2012