I went to the doctor today to express my concern that I think I may have ADD. she prescribed me a low dose of aderol. I was worried that I would feel high and that it wouldn't work as I hoped. And although its too early to really tell if this is the right fit for me, I already feel much more calm, centered and able to focus better. My racing thoughts are much more mellow. And I am very sensitive to noise and too much going on at once, but today it didn't seem to bother me as my two toddlers raced around the house as usual. I was feeling crazy as I talked to close friends about my concern recently, I've gotten a lot of ,"your over thinking things. You're to worried. I'm sure you're just fine and over analyzing." Anyone gotten a similar response when trying to explain you're concern of what you're experiencing with ADD/ADHD? this only made my thoughts race faster and I felt embarrassed and frustrated that no one seemed to understand or try and understand. I'm working on not needing the approval or understanding of others and trusting myself. Anyways. Just thought if share :)
britt005 britt005
26-30, F
Oct 23, 2013