I Have A Problem Explaining My Adhd Since I'm Theage I Am

A lot of times people scoff at adults having Attention Deficit. Well I did too. I thought this was the hyper kids I knew and foolishly thought it was a form of retardation. Stupid!! When I was young I daydreamed a lot and all my life it seemed I just did'nt get it! Luckily I was smart enough to get around it but I knew there was something wrong. I would shrug it off till some event would happen that caused me to wonder again.

A whole lot of unnecessary shame was felt on my part, and then............Iwas    um I'm so sorry, I've gotta go, I'm sorry but I

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I understand what you mean by us being the nicest people in the world and then we can be obnoxious. I tend to be helpful, witty, funny, and brilliant at times. But I would become rude, impertinent, random and silly--usually when bored with a task that behavior springs compulsively. <br />
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Ugh, how I hated school. And yeah, I was one of those hyper kids.

Thank you Robert!! You always know what to say!! I am blessed with good friends like you here!

Your gonna worry yourself right out of that laughing chair Boomer. I have no doubt that this bother's you but you have no reason to sai I'm sorry to us or anyone else. We are who we are And I love ya just that way. Put a smile on your face and popcorn on anybody else that has a problem. Were here for you. That darn cat still wink's at me, Right flirty little thing aint it !!!

Thank you sisser. And Good morning to you!! I have a severe case of ADHD have to take meds for it and I don't like having it at all. People with ADHD can be best people in the world , but in the bl<x>ink of an eye can be totally obnoxious! Sadly we don't need a certain reason. I need to say more in a story as soon as I get my act together. {"Good morning hug"}

Please come back and write more, i feel as if you were just beginning to start.