Diagnosed As An Adult

I don't remember exactly when I was diagnosed, but I think it was my early to mid twenties. I remember coming back to college for the spring semester of my sophomore year, and everything fell apart. I couldn't concentrate, never understood the lectures, hardly ever did homework, and I didn't understand why this all was happening. I went from making Dean's List in the fall semester to being unable to break a 3.0 in the spring semester. Doctors were clueless as to what was wrong. They'd just give me a quizzical look when I was practically on the verge of tears and begging them for help with this problem.

I still struggle with it on a daily basis, and it's definitely taken its toll in my career. As far as socializing goes, I miss all the "cues" that we're evidently supposed to pick out and interpret throughout the course of a conversation. I get a lot of those "wow, you're weird" looks, but I'm used to it and try to embrace my weirdness. Takes all kinds to make a world.

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I have A.D.D too along with Aspergers

good attitude...We don't get all the social cues, I suppose for myself that's why I'm so much better on paper, then in person.