Had A Fight With My Best Friend

I recently had a fight with my best friend. "The Friend" has always been a bit narcissistic, and most of the times thinks he's right. He's been there for me when nobody wanted to help me, he listend to me when everybody judeged me, so bassicly we're very close. The thing with "The Friend" is that he usually gets upset if people don't share his ideas or don't act like he wants. A few weeks ago, we joined a group that is responsable for organising an event. 2 days ago, the group leader made a decission that involves the whole group without consulting us. From my perspective, the decission has very little importance but "The Friend" got really mad about it , and asked me to support him in asking explanation from the group leader. I told him that this isn't something he should care about , so he got mad at me and stoped talking to me . When we met at a meeting yesterday, he was really distant and barely talked to me. We were suppose to ride home together but got mad at his behavior so i left him waiting for me, leaving the meeting in advance. Of course, we haven't spoken to each other since yesterday. Am i being an ******* for leaving him that way? i think not..  P.S. 1.sorry for any spelling mistakes. english is not my first language 2. i may have accidently posted this in the wrong group...sorry
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May 25, 2012