Sometimes I Think The Medical ...

Sometimes i think the medical feild goes overboard w/"disorders".
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when i was in school yes i had trouble writting things down on the board too..not tot mention i had trouble even SEEING the blackboard!.in everyclass they always had to put me in the front row,also i had trouble hearing the teacher soo.. crap... i should of said this all in my ADD along with this "learning disability i have,im alitle hearing iimpared and my eyes are minus -14,also the reason i dont have a license,im severly nearshighted.and i cant see the road signed till im smack dap RIGHT infront of

I have a older son that is having trouble in college. He comes home very frustrated. He says he can't focus and can't even write everything down quick enough on the board. He says he can't remember all the things he needs to. This is a math class, and he has taken 2 other classes that didn't involve so much . Any advice? He is open to getting help.