i was diagnosed with it when i was 19.ive always had a hard time in school.followwing simple directions..i always needed extra help..i still DO need all these but not really sure if all these disorders are real or not..sometimes i just think they just make things  i DID take ritalin once..but harldy noticed a difference..and by then i was already out of school.i want to live a drug free life now anyways and i would never agree to taking something that takes my uniquness away..i mean they call EVERYTHING a "disorder" these days.....but anyways whatever it is...i beleive my ADD or whatever it could be it makes me more unique. im always changing my mind on things

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hahaha..nice ex<x>pression!..what is this...wierd ex<x>pression day??..ROFL

You seem really cool!

huh? yes of course i did,i notice all the comments on my stories..nknow that i think of ive always had a theory that we ALL suffer some kinda form of mental 'retardation' am i wrong??? lmao....

Did you notice my comment here from last week?

I have reverse SADADDI = Seasonal Advective Disorder (Reverse) Attention Deficit Delayed Disorder of Intellgence. I made some of this up. And true, I don't like medication where the world wants us all to be like what they expect us to be. But I do get retarded when it is sunny out. I don't like the sunny weather.

yeah well ok i agree with you too!..ehh i knew it!!.. i had someone actaully call me a "retard" lol **** i guess its funny kinda too! he was in his 40! i tell you i was REALLY offended tho! i dont know i AM little bit undereducated then most 24 yr olds. im still livng with my parents and ive depended on them for most of my life.and havnt really been "out in the real world" as some have said ,yes i knew this ..all the eclectic thinkers are SOMEHWHAT differrent,its SO musically inclined too... i can make up my own classical peice on the paino just like that.i cant read notes,i can play by ear.iv always been that way. ive tought myself how to play me songs.most sive found out the background usuually has basic notes played,alot of songs are lik that when u figure it out.. and play for like 10 minutes striaght.,dont they say austistic children ussually can do that too?..i sometimes joked i was supposed to birn and i saw a documentary on had to ability to beableto see colour in her mind along with a note being played on the paino, i dont know about you but i could understand that...thats almost what I cant do, i used to have an electric giutar,i qiut my lessons only tok 2 lessons over 15 very good at playing lead,eve afer 15 yrs of not picking one up agian,a few weeks ago i was at party.and i was able to pick oneup and i started playing lead with these two guys,a few people remarked to me after,'Wow nikki, i never knew you could play like that" amazing since ive never even played on one since my old one brok in half,my hands automaicaly know were to go. ive even played the paino with my eyes closed and looking up to the ceiling like stevie i can STILL hit the right also good at rythm sems that knowone ele gives a crap exept me that i cna do and drums too i LOVE the drums..the way it feels!.i used to play wii music and drum along with rush songs!.had it on full that good!!

I have A.D.D. and Aspergers too.

I disagree with the "disorder" tag. I see it as simply a different way of processing information. People with the ADD diagnosis are typically global thinkers where "normal" is linear thinking. The thing is, who wants to live in a world of nothing but accountants and engineers (linear thinkers). The world needs artists and poets (global thinkers). I am a global thinker and damn proud of it.