I Have Trigeminal Neuralgia

Hi everyone!

I am 32 years old, and I havebeen having this type of pain for a few years since 2008. First I went to the dentist because I thought it was a toothache and at the end the dentist pull one of my tooths and after that I kept having that sharp electrical shock on the right side of my face, I went back to the dentist and he decided to send me to another dentist to get my wisdon tooth out and he refused to give me more pain medicine.

I ended up investigating for myself until I decided to make an appointment with a neurologist where he diagnosed me with shingles/ trigeminal neuralgia and since then I have been on some antiviral meds and pain meds, that has been helping 50 percent but not completely. I get this pain episodes once or twice a year in winter, but it is not that intense as it was in 2008.

So everyone that is reading this don't give up, there is no cure but there are different alternatives; surgery, radiation or I heard it can go away by itself.
acuar7us acuar7us
31-35, F
Jan 23, 2013