When My Son Was Seven Months Old He Had Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

When my son was seven months old his skin turned yellow and his red cell blood count was in the 40s. He was rushed to emerg and diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia. I know about the IV's, uncertainty and the days in the hospital. We were in the hospital for 30 days and he had 3 blood transfusions, two courses of steroid treatments and IVIG (intravenousimmunoglobintreatment) . One day I may tell the whole story here. He is now two and a half and 100%. I felt so alone when I was holding him in the hospital and would like to give words of support and hope to anyone going through this. My son has been through colds, flu and bronchitis and is still doing just fine. My heart goes out to anyone going through this or who has a child going through it.

falconmom falconmom
Mar 27, 2009