Diagnosed September 2012 At Age 27

My story starts about 4 months ago. I was having a lot of joint pain in my hands and wrists but I figured it was from working, I'm a nursing assistant and required to do a lot of lifting. But the pain just got worse so I went to my PCP for a check up, my doctor had my blood drawn and did routine labs. She called me when the results came in, the first thing she asked me was if I was a binge drinker because my liver tests came back extremely high. I rarely ever drink so this didn't make sense. She said she wanted to re-examine me in month.
So I scheduled a follow-up appointment, but within about a week and a half I started vomiting 2-3 times a day and I just felt completely drained. I finally went to the ER, my ALT and AST levels were both over 1200 well above the normal limits of 40. I was admitted to the hospita, they did an ultrasound and MRI of my liver and both came back normal. I was released after two nights and was told to follow up with GI within 1-2 weeks.
I tried making an appointment with GI but I kept getting their voicemail. After several days my conditioned worsened even more. I was completely yellow, my skin, the whites of my eyes. I still couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing up. I finally got a hold of GI and was told they didn't have any open appointments for 4 weeks and was told to call my PCP to see what they wanted me to do. I was told to go straight to the ER, there my ALT and AST levels were over 1400 and my Bilirubin was 19. I was admitted to the hospital for the second time within a week and a half.
They went ahead and started me on Prednisone while they ran more blood work. My liver enzymes started to slowly go down, and I was actually able to eat something and keep it down. The GI told me that since the prednisone was working he was pretty sure that it was Autoimmune Hepatitis but I would need a liver biopsy to confirm. But before they could do the biopsy I had to have 6 units of plasma because my blood wasn't clotting the way it should. I finally had the liver biopsy and was released from the hospital after 4 nights. Right now they have me on a dosage of prednisone, 100mg a day. I'm following up with GI tomorrow and hopefully they will lower the dosage.
I'm still not too sure how my family and I are going to deal with this. As long as I have my husband and 3 children I know I can get through this.

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Do not worry about this disease.Every case is different.With advancement in treatment most patients have life expectancy at par with general population.With best wishes take care.