Diagnosed May 2011 At 23yrs Of Age

Hi, I've only just found this site.

I was diagnosed in May 2011 after vomiting for around a week (couldn't keep any solids down) my eyes were turning yellow and after a visit to a General GP and getting some bloods done after telling them what symptoms I was having I was sent to emergency in hospital the following day. After a week of various scans, ultrasounds, urine samples and blood tests sometimes more than once daily and a Liver Biopsy I was diagnosed with AIH.
I was immediately started on 60mg of Prednisolone - made to also drink some chalky substance because by this stage I was very yellow and it helped with my jaundice.
After a few weeks I was also started on 100mg of Immuran and slowly weaned down to 10mg of Prednisolone. My AIH went into remission by about August/September that year.
In September/October 2011 I developed a rash all over my chest, upper back, shoulders and through my scalp, this was diagnosed as Lupus (SLE) via a skin biopsy and through some research it apparently may be linked to the AIH yet no doctor has confirmed this. I am treating the Lupus with Plaquenil at this stage and the amount varies between Summer and Winter.
I'm currently booked in for my next Biopsy in February 2013 to see whether or not I can go 'drug-free' from my AIH meds. My specialist has stated I have 50/50 chance of relapsing so if this happens at least I guess I'll know what the symptoms are to look out for in case I unfortunately do relapse.
This is a day to day process - how I feel about this changes everyday, how I also feel physically changes on a day to day basis and I am forever unsure whether what I feel is related to the AIH or the Lupus or both.
The question of 'why me?' probably never really goes away - particularly when explaining it to someone and they go 'how did you catch that' or 'why did you get it', the answer is 'I don't know' - I really wish I had an answer for myself more than anything.
I know I as a person that I have changed because of what I have, whether it be because my memory is now terrible and I can't remember the last time I felt 100% but at the end of the day I can't let it stop me living my life to the full.
This year I completed the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, deciding to do this and executing the decision was the absolute best thing I have ever done in my life.

I would like to know of anyone on here that is in Australia? If so, whereabouts are you based?

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I am in Perth and was diagnosed with AIH 9 years ago. Same symptoms as you. I was told that very few men get it, mostly (75%) are females. Harry Kewel the Australian Soccer champion also has it, so it's not something that's caused by eating the wrong food. It can just happen.