Still Going!

My health issues started with my 3rd pregnancy. I was diagnosed with Protein s deficiency ( Causes Blood Clots) . I had emergency C-sections with my first 2 because of ruptured blood clots. I had to have my GallBladder removed 3 weeks after she was born. A year later I was pregnant again. I was hospitalized 3 times do to problems with my kidney. I had to have my Right Kidney removed 3 months after she was born. Then on and off for 2 years I was sick. Bladder infections, Kidney infections. It Sucked! In July 2012 Monday, I ended up in the ER with another Kidney infection, and to top it off I was itching from head to toe and could not figure out why! After lab work, X-rays, the doctor came said my Inzimes were very elivated and I need to be addmitted, the were in the 1200's. After a week in the hospital with a MRI and a Liver Biopsy. I was told I have Chronic hepatitis and it was AIH. About a month after this happened I lost my insurance and have not been able to go back to the dr. I am curious to know if the AIH had anything to do with my Right Kidney Failling. The Dr's could never give me an explination to why it quit. I am only 31yrs old and am not ready to give up fighting. I want to do what ever it takes to stay healthy and not have this control my life!
jfcease jfcease
31-35, F
Jan 23, 2013