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A few weeks ago my annual checkup showed very high liver enzyme levels and, after a lot of blood tests the gastroenterologist diagnosed AIH.  I feel fine and am just getting used to the idea of having a chronic disease.  I go in for a liver biopsy later this week, then I'll start on the drugs once we know the extent of any damage.  I know nothing about AIH and have been reading what I can online.  The medical sites are all so depressing, it's great to find this site with stories from real people.  Thanks!

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I have had AIH and sclerosing cholangitis with a whole host of other things going on. I was diagnosed in 2006 just relasped this feb. Meds have been uped and enzymes are coming down.<br />
I never did get over the fatigue from the onset. I would give anything to feel the way I used too before this disease struck me. Some people feel fine on the meds others are very sensitive like me and have a hard time with them. Hope all goes well for you and that you biopsy comes out first stage then you will have a long way to go and feel pretty good for a long while.

I agree with the tired feeling! i am in the early stages of the disease, and do not require treatment yet. thankfully. i have to go for bloodwork every month to check to make sure my enzymes don't go back up. i am very exhausted all the time and none of my family seems to understand what i am going through. they think they can cure me just be getting me involved in things. my mom even said that she thinks i am not fatigued, and that i just have the blues. little does she know. i was so mad at her. i wish you the best!

I have been dealing with this diease a little over a year now. There have been moments where mentally it has been hard for me, but physical wise it is mostly the tired feeling. I wish you all the best.