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Im 25 years old and I started having symptoms at the age of 12, after two biopsies and several doctor visits, I was finally diagnosed with APD at the age of 20. I break out each month about a week and a half before my cycle. I use a steroid cream to shorten the breakout but it doesn't work all the time. I have learned that staying out of the sun helps with scaring and burning of the breakouts. APD is something a lot of people dont know about and it can be very embarrassing when it's visible. Some months my breakouts are worse than others; im wondering if certain foods have an affect on it. Does anyone have any suggestions of relief?
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Dear ladies, A story that may help you or someone you know!
9 October 2013 at 10:33
After I started taking the birth control pill last year, I began to break out in hives and my eczema was the worst I have seen it, it covered my hands and arms. I realized that it began after a month of the pill being in my system so I stopped taking it however my skin issues only decreased slightly and I would still flare up on my face for about two days no apparent reason. For over a year I was taking medication and been to doctors numerous times but never received any answers so I had to perform my own research only to discover that I'm allergic to my own hormones "Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis."

This can cause menstrual migraines, menstrual asthma (which they tested me for twice and I do not have asthma, however during "girl time" I find i can not breath properly or take full breathes, it can cause ice pick headaches where it feels someone is stabbing you in the head, it causes hives, and eczema as well as other skin conditions. It can cause abdominal pain and pain during intimacy however not all the time, only at certain times during the month. So if you have any of these concerns it may mean you have APD OR that your hormones are off balance like many peoples are but we just deal it.

I decided, because I do not like to take modern medicine, that I needed something natural and found a product called Estrosense (it does NOT contain Estrogen) which balances your hormones, it also helps with ALL the symptoms you get during "girl time" (as I prefer to call it) which include bloating, mood changes etc, it has also helped me lose weigh that some of us carry around our middle section. Along with the Estrosense I take Spirulina which is definitely one of the most beneficial vitamins you can take (google it, trust me) and I take Vitamin D3 for my mental health as well and Vitamin C....with these combined vitamins, I am the healthiest I have been in years, my eczema has cleared up by 95% with only one little spot on my pinky and before my hands and arms were covered. My energy levels have increased and my moods stay balanced.

I am sharing this information to others in the case that you have health issues going on and can not find answers and to be honest you don't have to have these issues just to take Estrosense, it helps reduce cancer and many other beneficial things, just read up on it!

I hope perhaps this information can help someone, and feel free to share it!

Full list of symptoms:

(i) premenstrual syndrome,
(ii) premenstrual asthma,
(iii) menstrual migraine,
(iv) weight problems,
(v) loss of short term memory,
(vi) fatigue,
(vii) skin problems,
(viii) mood swings,
(ix) diminished sex drive,
(x) anxiety and panic attacks,
(xi) fibromyalgia,
(xii) interstitial cystitis,
(xiii) arthritis,
(xiv) chronic fatigue syndrome,
(xv) infertility.

Hey I know what you are going through, I have the same problem. Steroid cream doesn't really do much, other then help diminish the scaring in my case. Some months are worst then others, don't really know why. However, and this is pure speculation on my part, I have two sisters and I've noticed that when I spend more time with them and our menstruation cycles sync up my symptoms are worst. Since I've moved out i haven't changed my treatment plan just spent less time around my sisters and the symptoms are not as bad as they have been in the past. Again this is nothing but speculation on my part and there is probably no correlation between the two events. Just perhaps it is something to think about if you want.
Best of Luck!