I'm So Glad to Finally Know What This Is!

I finally found a dermatologist who gave me this diagnosis today, and it makes sense.  I had a baby at the end of Sept. 08, and shortly afterwards developed this horrible, itchy rash in my gluteal cleft and down lower, if you know what I mean!  OB didn't know what it was, first dermatologist didn't know either.  My acupuncturist suspected it was related to hormone changes from having a baby, and she was right!

Treatment from my acupuncturist cleared it up until my first postpartum period, when it flared up again.  After my period started, it went into remission.  Then this month, I have another flareup- not as severe, thank god, but it drove me to a new doctor who has seen this before!

Went off BC pills, as I think that was aggravating it, and the new doc thinks this will go into semi-permanent remission in another month or so once my bodie's hormone levels stabilize.  Sadly though, when I have my next child I'll probably have to go through this again.  At least I'll know what it is!

I'm just so glad to have a diagnosis and to know I'm not alone!!!

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I've received over 50 emails since posting here but for some reason they all keep coming thru blank at the address I left, not sure what's up with that. Here is my personal email to contact me:<br />
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loricody1@comcast.net<br />
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My facebook account devoted to APD/AIPA sufferers with all of my links, website, story, research, treatment is:<br />
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http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001460848651<br />
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or you can do a search for me: Lori Cody (Springfield, IL)<br />
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Hope I don't miss anyone!

Hello! I have AIPA, autoimmune progesterone anaphylaxis! It is the life threatening form of the progesterone allergy and I survived 24yrs without diagnosis or treatment. I ended up having to do all of my own research, natural treatments to survive, and demand testing and diagnosis of this rare condition. Actually not as rare as doctors think and they seriously need to educate themselves. My treatment options offered by the docs were extremely limited with possibly more severe complications. I developed my own natural treatment that is currently patent pending and has maintained remission for me for a little over a year. No ER visits, multiple organ failure, massive hives or swelling, breathing distress, etc. I still have some very minor glitches simply from being autoimmune but my treatments have enabled me to have quality of life and health for the first time since puberty. I am now 35 yrs old! Other women with the milder form, APD, have also been using my treatments with great success and complete remission of hives and swelling. Here is my full story about my battle with AIPA and the treatments that I developed.<br />
<br />
http://hubpages.com/_4forums/hub/Im-Allergic-to-My-Hormones-Awareness-for-Progesterone-Induced-Anaphylaxis-Autoimmune-Progesterone-Anaphylaxis-Part-1<br />
<br />
I published my story to spread awareness for this "rare" medical condition. I hope this helps and Please feel free to contact me at: info@awarenessforaipa.com