Yep, I Have Both... Woo Hoo For Me.


Avoidant PersonalityPeople with an avoidant personality are overly sensitive to rejection, and they fear starting relationships or anything new. They have a strong desire for affection and acceptance but avoid intimate relationships and social situations for fear of disappointment and criticism. Unlike those with a schizoid personality, they are openly distressed by their isolation and inability to relate comfortably to others. Unlike those with a borderline personality, they do not respond to rejection with anger; instead, they withdraw and appear shy and timid. Avoidant personality is similar to generalized social phobia


Dependent Personality People with a dependent personality routinely surrender major decisions and responsibilities to others and permit the needs of those they depend on to supersede their own. They lack self-confidence and feel intensely insecure about their ability to take care of themselves. They often protest that they cannot make decisions and do not know what to do or how to do it. This behavior is due partly to a reluctance to express their views for fear of offending the people they need and partly to a belief that others are more capable. People with other personality disorders often have traits of a dependent personality, but the dependent traits are usually hidden by the more dominant traits of the other disorder. Sometimes adults with a prolonged illness or physical handicap develop a dependent personality.

I'm pretty sure if you ask any of my friends here or my family, they will agree that I am definitely in both of these categories. It doesn't define me..........But it's nice to know that I'm not completely nuts. lol.


With Love, xxoo

Wynhaven Wynhaven
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I dated someone who I'm about 95% sure has both. Can I ask you a few questions? They're kinda personal so I hope you don't mind. It'll help me learn a bit more about my past relationship.<br />
<br />
Do you rebound into new relationships after a breakup easily?<br />
<br />
Do you see things in black and white with very little grey when you think of people you know (i.e. people are good or bad)?<br />
<br />
Are you more likely to get involved in inappropriate romantic relationships like affairs, etc?<br />
<br />
Were your parents overly critical?

I don't rebound as a rule, although I've only had 2 relationships &amp; I suffer from social phobia as well which keeps me pretty much to myself.
I see things pretty much in grey, unless I've been hurt then it turns black real quick. lol
I have never had an affair, I don't like cheaters, liars, &amp; people like that &amp; as you have to pretty much be in both catagories to have an affair... I'm out. : )
Yes, both my parents can be critical. More my father I think. My mother is just better at the guilt principle. Hope these helped. Sorry for taking so long to answer.

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