When I Was Young I Had Selective Mutism...

now i had avoidant personality disorder.I avoid social situation and i'm very self conscious about what other peoples think of me.I quit my study last year and i can't find any job yet.Yet i'm scared if i get a job what my co-workers will think of me.
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i also have the same situation with you guys, i just quit it this year. i am trying to make money online too so i dont need to interact with many people.

I feel that,<br />
i also just gave up my masters as i found it worthless, i could not make any contacts there nevemind friends and i still cant get a job, am afraid what people will think of me, i never had any friends or partner and i think people will just be abusive twords me, as they always have.Im not the naive hopeful person i once was. <br />
Im looking for online jobs at the moment, it seams there is a market and hope ill find someone like me or that would accept me the way i am. Just dont know what to do with myself, i feel so hopeless.

I have been though some of this. And I always know these problems can come back at any time.

omg, i dont even remember posting this but since than I got a full time desk job and collegues are pretty nice though i dont let anyone know about me but maybe one day i will they act over all nice. But have been on new meds for a few months before i got the job, i encourage anyone with similar problems to keep their hope and try different meds and therapies and dont give up on humanity just yet, people are not all the same