Is This Common In Avpd?

I'm extremely bothered by the amounts of nudity and sexuality in everything these days. It makes me almost not want to be intimate with my bf of more then a year. I want to be the only girl he wants but it's not possible with every chick on tv getting naked at the drop of the hat. Am I just weird? I feel like the only one who thinks like this. Like maybe I would've been born a long time ago before chivalry was dead.
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This doesn't make you weird at all, it just means that you value love above lust. Sex isn't supposed to be an outlet for frustration, its meant to be an integrative experience, not something to just fill a void.

I'm a guy but I've actually had a similar experience. It stops being 'attractive' and just becomes annoying background noise (that you tune out) after you've seen it several hundred times. I feel weird about sex in general lately, by now I honestly prefer cuddling. Probably depression talking.

The nudity and the "sexiness" has become so extreme it's off-putting to a lot of people. Just cheap tricks to sell things(including tv-shows and music). And the more jaded and brainwashed we become, the worse it gets. Avpd-people are hypersensitive(if I read my Wiki right) and we feel perhaps more of the low self-esteem which those images are made to bring out in people. That's how advertising works. But for people with Hypersensitivity it can be really damaging. I feel it too, so much it's crippling me at times even though I know the evil thought behind it. Can't tell you what to do, it takes a lot of people to change something and it seems impossible a lot of the time. That what's make us feel so alone. Personally I try not to buy or watch anything advertised in such a manner, but since it's so wide-spread that's difficult. I hope you have a boyfriend who can see through those tricks and appreciate you for the insightful woman you are.

the truth is he most likely cant get what he sees on tv or magazines, so he definately wants you more then you think us guys have a hard time showing it though

I don't want to be the default because he can't get those girls. I want to be the one and only.

But if you let it control you, then what?