I Wonder If I Have Apd?

so browsing stumble upon one day i came across a page of personality disorders. And as i read it i realized the APD sounded a lot like me. I have always had trouble making friends. i figured it was just shyness. i have a hard time making conversations with people. (usually i can do ok if they are the ones making conversation and i just reply) anyway, i also tend to be paranoid about what other think. whether or not they actually like me. even with my best friend i sometimes think she does things to avoid me or that shes embarrassed to be friends with me. (i was always the loser kid until high school) I get really shy and timid around people i dont know when i go to talk to someone i always feel like im being weird or annoying. I get the seance people find me strange. I go to events at my school but if i dont have any friends there i usually sit alone. I do have friends and some of them are close but it take me a long time to warm up to people and decide if they actually like me or not. I have also read people with APD tend to make up an "alternate reality" in their heads. like imagine a story sorta. I do that all the time. i have a story thing in my mind not necessarily me but when i think of it its kinda based half off me half of what i wish my life was like. I do tend to get offended easily. the littlest thing (such as a tone or a look) can make me think someone doesnt like me or im making a fool of myself. even if its a smile. i think :that was an awkward smile he/she probably thinks that was weird" is it possible that i have APD? or even a mild form of APD?
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I have avpd and while I can't actually diagnose you that sounds a lot like the issues I have.

Hi Ch1561, thank you for this post. While I may not be helpful, I just want to offer a sense of support and understanding from someone who feels exactly as you have described. I wish you the best.