The Truth Is...

The truth is I joined EP not only to share my stories about my avoidant personality disorder but also so that I could meet some people who I can talk to and relate to about it...
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I feel like people with avpd have good qualities even if we're extremely shy. I feel like we're more aware of our feelings and how to treat people.

I know how you feel I see people, well, society in a different way, people can be so hurtful even when they don't mean it

Hi, I have AvPD too. Its been a blessing and a curse. It brought me into the world of the inner self and has been an enriching experience for me but it has also drawn me away from people. It has made me realize that everyone is going through a similar experience here on earth and I feel lucky that I can acknowledge it and therefore use it to my advantage. I have also realized that we, with AvPD, notice what is so fundamentally wrong with society at large. As J Krishnamurti once said "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society".

You're right, all I can notice is what's wrong with society. It kind of makes me hate living in this society in a way.

You need to dig around for knowledge. Finding knowledge gives us the tools to expand our consciousness and understand what it is that keeps us in this state of constant fear and anxiety. I can show you some stuff that Ive read and watched which has helped me achieve higher awareness. Start here:

Hi...just kiindve figured that this is the answer to a Lott of questions I've asked myself repeatedly over the years myself. When I get the net hooked back up I'll most likely be signing up here. If ur still around I'll be in touch. Till then.. All I can really say is know ur not alone in ur struggles n there are ways through it. Not saying it will go away... It doesn't... But living a happylife with this is very possible. My best advice is let ur true feelings out in some way shape or form. Music...writing..sports.. This is of course if u u feel u can't talk to anyone about it. Talking about it is the hardest but best solution..but.often we feel there is no 1. Sooo untrue!