I'm Just Sayin' ...

Despite all the requests ... sorry, I am not posting pictures.   I look much better than that guy holding a couple of melons in this logo.  In fact, I even look better than melons.

You'll just have to take my word for it.

My boobs are awesome !

A    Amazing
W   Wonderous
E    Enticing
S    Spectacular
O    Orbs
M    Medically
E    Enhanced .... NOT ! 
SeriouslySappy SeriouslySappy
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12 Responses Jul 13, 2010

well how big are ya? :P

I'm all about breast appreciation but I am unfortunately pictorially challenged. I'm natural & big enough now so I won't be doing anything to enhance them. I don't know where I'd put any more ... lol.

I too would love to see a pic of your boobs or a pic with a lacy bra or sheer top - very hot very sexy. I'm not a lesbian but I do love to appreciate another woman's breasts

Love your desc<x>ription, and yes mine are AWSOME too ;-)<br />
Best of all is that your definition of AWSOME was "natural" I like that.<br />
I love my great big all natural boobies....and I'm hoping once I successfully lactate, they'll be even bigger. I like wearing tighter tops when I'm out with my sweetie. His smile says , "yeah those are with me" hee hee

LOL Red ! I must have been having one of those days when I wrote this ... lol.

Well... of all that I've learned about you.... this was .....awesome?......

Can't believe Given is laughing at my boobs. Good thing I didn't describe my ***!<br />
<br />
PT ... oh, you do know the way to a woman's heart.<br />
<br />
Mr., a woman should be whatever way she wants. With or without enhancements.

Nothing wrong with enhanced<br />
<br />
But way to be awesome without

i believe you. your an awesome person as well.


I'm really the shy type.

Why not post some pics of yourself, wearing a top (if you must!) lol