I Am So Glad This Was Not A Book Discussion...

When I joined EP back in March of last year, I was killing time online and thought I would look up a book disussion for a book I had read at that time. I googled Celestine Prophecy Book Discussion and up popped EP. I thought it was a book discussion web page. It lead me straight to the page that was a related experience group. I commented and looked for more about the book which focused alot on how coincidence followed can change our lives. I quickly realized this is not a book club. I started looking at the site and saw the potential to share ideas and experiences with other people. 

The first person to friend me was CFOM.  He sent me a house warming gift and some advice about reading people's stories. Then I met Jimmyrudyjump. He was very kind and supportive when I needed a friend, I miss him being here. Young women have friended me to encourage me along such as Blissfulwhite who was a loving, encouraging friend while she was here. Older women have friended me and their writing inspires me.  I have been friended - "circled"- whatever by the most interesting, talented people.

I greatly admire my Circle for being themselves here on EP. I can not express enough how much I value my EP friends. That is what makes this site so great.

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i am glad ya found us. i certainly beats the hell out of facebook. so greetings from the road...

Greetings - It certainly does beat Facebook without even trying to. I wish they quit trying to jazz it up.

i agree, they should keep it simple. let us tell our stories and experiences.

That is what it is about for me - well mostly. Sometimes I misbehave too but generally I am just writing stories and reading them.

well i am not all sweetness and light. sometimes i \"aim to misbehave\"
there is a quote for ya to ponder lol

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What a beautiful tribute.

Every word was written with sincerity and is still true. I do love EP it is the main reason I get computer withdrawal if I don\'t log in after a few days.

I am glad to be here. I'm hoping I meet some wonderful people just as you have done.

You will