<3 <3

i really do have awesome ep friends :)

they are always here for me and no matter how bad of a day i am having, they somehow manage to make me laugh :)

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
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Oh well you are still a good creeper friend.

that they were playing around lol. i get that threat all the time

If someone said they was going to bite you just all random like what would you think about them?

i'm not a creeper

kinky... Didn't figure you for a creeper..

that's it!!!! ima bite now

i like so did

oh no you didn't

nope not at all *flick*

oh yes, it is

that is not fair at all!

lol its fair. u poked i pinch

all i did was poke you! damn!

ahhh<br />
<br />



That's because you're so very ticklish.