I was 17, and my twin sister was at a volleyball camp. Normally my parents are ok leaving me with my twin sister and my at the time 12 and 8 year old sister, but without her, they were worried. My sister was gone for 8 weeks in the summer at the camp to try to get recruited to college, which she ended up doing. My parents were so concerned about me because I was so small, way smaller than my sisters. My twin was 5-8, my then 12 year old sister was 5-8 also, and me and my then 8 year old sister were just under 5 feet each. To take care of us when we went out, my parents hired our next door neighbor to watch us. I was a rising senior, and embarrassed by the idea, she, was a rising sophomore in college, and she used to be in my grade, until she skipped 1st, then 4th grade. She was at Columbia studying engineering. She came over and talked to me like a little kid right away. She introduced herself, even though we knew her ok. She was 17, but 2 months younger than me, my sisters laughed and laughed. She was also about a foot taller than me. Throughout the summer, she stayed with us a lot, and drove me around, even though I had my license. One night there was a storm, and we had to go to the basement, I was super scared of storms, and she gave me a hug and cuddled with me on the couch. I instantly began acting like a little kid. I missed being cuddled. I asked her to hold me, and she did. She started to yell at me when I was bad, and whenever my sisters brought up that I was older, she would laugh and say that I was still her little boy. She would hold my hand, carry me, put me on her lap when we watched tv, and the entire time, it didn't feel like two 17 year olds, it felt like I was 8, it wasn't weird at all.
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My mom sometimes pats me on my bum saying I am her little boy, although I am 17 (since a week) now. And I must say it feels good and comforting and safe, and a bit exciting too.
And she got me and my brother (15) a babysitter too, mostly for company and preparing a meal, but she told him to keep an on us too.

"Him"? Is your babysitter a man?

Yes he is, the son of my mom's best friend.
He is a couple of years older than me, so I don't really fit in this group, lol.

Did she spank you, too?

Barebutt, I hope? With her bare hand or with a tool?

That is a beautiful story , it sounds pretty much like an old legend i heard ...how was it called ...ow yeah ...Love ....it comes in so many different ways , in so many different languages , and it still feels the same ...it happens with a little touch of magic and 20 seconds of crazy courage of not being embarrased and being who u are with who u want and doing what u feel . Sometimes ur ashamed of ur mom holding ur hand at school , sometimes ur ashamed when ur dad talks to ur friends when they bully u , when u kiss in public and whatever u do ....but people try for the best for u , and when they do that ..they do it for love . People build up walls. Not to keep others out but to see who cares enough to brake them ...