Sickening Anxiety!!!

(This was a pervious post) I have bad test anxiety...I had a test today ( October 14, 2010 Thursday) and I'm not to happy with how I did. Test anxiety (along with what's been going on with me (read previous stories to know what I'm talking about) ) got to me once again...I knew what I was saying (it was an interview type test for Japanese to see if we can speak it properly and have conversations) and I bombed as far as confidence and then everything I knew was gone. I'm so sick of test anxiety getting the better of me! I studied hard for this and everything was gone when I sat down in front of my professer (sensee). I HATE TEST ANXIETY!!!!

(This is an addition to my previous post)

I can't stand the anxiety I feel doing the most simple tasks! When I get ready to go somewhere, even if it is somewhere for fun, I feel as if I am about to have a panic attack! I always feel like I'm about to pass out!! The overwhelming anxiety I feel with the most simple things is starting to effect me greatly. I would rather not result to medication to control my anxiety but I am at a loss of what to do. I can’t do much of anything without feeling the deep nerve-wracking panic I feel every day. From the moment I learn of a future event my mind dwells on it and does not rest until the even is over. If it is a test I panic every time it enters my thoughts; which is most of the time. I shake sometimes merely thinking of future tasks. I’m sick of feeling this way with every little thing! I make plans to spend time with my best friend and I feel anxiety making plans to go over to her house, what time we’re going to school, etc. My anxiety is truly starting to effect me in a horrible way. I’ve done my best to manage the problem and try not to voice my concerns about it, but I’m getting to my breaking point on keeping it hidden. I'm tired of freaking out over every little thing, not even able to enjoy things of leisure any longer......
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Im sorry, Im there and its hard. Just remember it doesn't last forever